Our Story

We believe that wholehearted people can change their world. 

We understand that before we are leaders, parents, partners, friends or any label or role, we are human beings.

We observe that many of us start our day with the intention to be the best versions of ourselves in all we do, but sometimes we end it disappointed and frustrated by the world around us, and our responses to it. We intend the best of ourselves, but sometimes reveal the worst of ourselves.

We also observe that many of us are stuck and don’t know how to shift our behaviour.

We are dedicated to journeying with people who wish to understand themselves better, create a positive impact on the world and be more effective in all they do – in life, health, happiness and relationships.

We value

We are a values-driven business and work best with individuals and organisations who share our values. We believe in …

Demonstrated Integrity

In all we do, all the time. With our clients, partners, suppliers and community of professionals.

Family and Relationships filled with Love and Care

It is all there is, and we will do all we can to grow and deepen all relationships through open communication and connection.

Enduring Curiosity

As the bedrock of learning, as an enabler for growth and the willingness to receive feedback.

Finding and growing purpose

As a relentless pursuit for ourselves and those around us.

Nature and adventure

As the source of much peace, and the context that supports all life.

Choice and Freedom

To become whomever we wish to become and to challenge the norms.

Deep appreciation for the good in humanity

It’s what we believe in and seek as a counter- narrative to some of the despair and negativity around us in the world today.

Thought Leadership

Smile – its contagious

Smile – its contagious

Written by Tidal Pooler - Ian Kennedy (his debut contribution) It is so difficult to avoid the ever-depressing headlines that highlight the corruption, evils and disasters that plague our world. One doesn't have to look too far to be triggered into frustration and...

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