Team Dynamics and Development

Team Dynamics and Development

We specialize in supporting teams to deliberately unlock the rare capabilities of high performance. We have a proven track record of shifting behaviours and character towards the rare 8% of teams that achieve sustained, high-performance metrics.

Our team development partners are:

Heinrich Langner

The Total Reward Pioneer

Heinrich supports leaders to navigate the complexities of business with simple and appropriate reward solutions. With an Actuarial background, Heinrich is able to translate financial concepts into people development strategies that lead to sustainable success. In his holistic approach to reward design, Heinrich combines technical analysis with a thorough understanding of what influences behaviour.

James Spice

The Encourager

James is on a mission to reveal unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaviour that limit potential and joy. Through sensitive intuition and empathy James has developed an international reputation of supporting people through the challenges and struggles of personal and collective transformation.

Lauren Davis

The Coaching Psychologist

Lauren brings with her the perfect blend of heartfelt attention, feminine energy, and sharp psychological insights to her coaching and leadership engagements. She masterfully entwines coaching and therapy to deliver measurable success with insight and intuition. Lauren’s focus is authentic relationships, being witness to personal, team and organisational growth and encouraging individuals to work towards living life wholeheartedly. She enjoys a niche area supporting professional women navigate their work and personal challenges.  She has a special interest in dealing with counterproductive workplace behaviours such as bullying and understanding psychopathic behaviour within the workplace.

Nikki Wohlman

The Behaviour Change Catalyst

Team effectiveness is hard won. It takes experience in understanding human behaviour and the psychological drivers of engagement and thus as a coach, facilitator and people development specialist, Nikki applies her sharp psychological insight and creativity to support change.

Marc Rogatschnig

The Character Ambassador

For over a decade, Tidal Pool’s co-founder and Managing Director has led successful people development consultancies with cross border footprints.  Known for his measured and whole-hearted approach, Marc fosters the clarity and inspiration necessary to understand context, shift behaviour and transform people and organisational culture. He has garnered international respect for his thought leadership, impactful facilitation and consulting psychology practice.

Sarah Campbell-Watts

The Development Guru

As a seasoned organisational development specialist, Sarah astutely identifies systemic change requirements and guides transformation across teams to ensure greater levels of success. She views leadership development as a co-creative process, and works with leaders to establish clear direction, unlock innovative thinking and develop impactful communication skills. Her methods are creative, pragmatic and she uses the power of nature to deliver impactful immersion experiences.

Malcolm Ferguson

The ROI Facilitator

Malcolm’s practice of facilitating return on investment has grown out of helping business leaders align their teams in the midst of shifting priorities and urgency traps. He works with teams to define success in a way that inspires accountability and accelerates collaboration. His strategic team alignment journeys help leaders to refine organisational capacity for delivering meaningful returns.

Thought Leadership

The Ninja-Monk of Team Leadership

The Ninja-Monk of Team Leadership

Last week I received a mail from a friend and colleague. It was lovely to hear from her. She was responding to a message I had put to my network requesting senior management teams to participate in my doctoral dissertation. She has been very busy, but diligent as ever...

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The Dangers of Ignoring Low Trust Environments

The Dangers of Ignoring Low Trust Environments

My path into Psychology was somewhat circuitous and, at times, an embarrassing stumble and fumble into the field. I landed in the Clinical/Psychiatric field and was shocked at the mistreatment of some of the most vulnerable of people in our society - the mentally ill....

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We trust behaviours more than intent!

‘Trust me, it will all be OK.’ ‘Trust me, my intentions are good.’ ‘Trust me, just trust me’ Usually all said with a glint in the eye and a warm, nodding smile. It seems trust is preoccupying not only my thoughts but my work too. Trust me, it must be important then (I...

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