William Elliott

William Elliott

The Master Trainer and Coach

William’s measured and practical approach contributes to his effectiveness in coaching at the highest level. He is also the South African Master Trainer for the internationally acclaimed training and coaching programme known as Getting Things Done® (GTD®).

As an experienced psychologist, William brings both width and depth to any coaching encounter. While tough when needed, he always anchors his engagements in personal experience, authenticity and empathy, sharing his own challenges and triumphs.
Modern individuals and teams face an overwhelming number of demands, communications, meetings and opportunities on a personal and professional level. William helps clients adopt the skills, tools and habits to deal with these volumes with a sense of calm control through a well-structured Getting Things Done® programme for groups or individuals. William is the only authorised licence holder and service provider for this game-changing programme in South Africa. >

William specialises in: 

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership and personal development
  • Depth coaching by addressing stress, anger, interpersonal skills, life balance and personal functioning
  • Certified GTD® one-on-one coaching for individuals
  • Certified GTD® training programmes for groups of between 10 and 20 participants