Sarah Campbell-Watts

Sarah Campbell-Watts

The Development Guru

Sarah brings her own intuitive and creative signature style. As an organisational development specialist, she has worked with well-known global and local companies, small to medium sized owner-run businesses, NGOs and the public sector for over 20 years. Sarah worked at one of the big five global consulting firms as a development facilitator and is also a business owner, having lived in both the UK and South Africa.

Sarah partners with senior teams to identify where change is needed in their system. The insights she brings helps to deepen understanding of people and culture and what it really takes to bring about transformation across a team, department or entire business. As the wider world context is becoming increasingly uncertain and complex, she is doing more work to help individuals and systems move the needle from ‘just surviving’ to ‘thriving’.

Sarah uses a co-creative process to distil and infuse purpose, vision, values, strategy and OKRs. She also focuses on growing quality of relationships, enhancing innovative thinking and enabling leadership across all levels of the organisation. 

She challenges managers to lead consciously by design, not by default. Sarah uses robust change frameworks and tools in tending to the hearts and minds of people in change.

When facilitating, she uses a combination of tailored creative design, attention to detail, practical content and a variety of methods to ensure learning is engaging and memorable.

Sarah’s background in environmental science and the outdoors has led her to integrate nature into workshop design, delivering powerful multi-day immersion experiences in remote locations.

Sarah specialises in:

  • Organisational development
  • Change enablement 
  • Developing and delivering multilevel integrated leadership and people development programmes
  • Qualitative research to diagnose systems
  • Immersion experiences
  • Thriving and well-being