Nikki Wohlman

Nikki Wohlman

The Behaviour Change Catalyst

Nikki brings energy and acute professionalism to all leadership and development design and facilitation processes. The personal integration of her life adds credence to her role as integral coach, facilitator and people development specialist.

She’s passionate about the coaching process where unique solutions emerge dynamically as part of the creative progression. Nikki knows from experience that coaching can achieve deep and sustainable change.

She is fascinated by systems and complexity, particularly the leaders that need to make sense of it. When working with an organisation to design and implement culture changes, she immerses herself in its DNA, but holds the process lightly to ensure flexibility of the system and the process.

Her sharp insight and almost 20 years of experience brings a deep understanding of human behaviour and the psychological drivers of engagement. 

Nikki specialises in:

  • Individual, Group & Team Coaching (Business/Executive Coaching; Leadership Coaching; Role Transitioning; Work/Life Balance; Presentation Skills/Personal Branding; Career Coaching) 
  • Organisational Culture 
  • Leadership Development 
  • Interpersonal Mastery 
  • Team Effectiveness by aligning team performance and objectives with organisational strategy
  • Nikki is a certified HeartStyles, Insights and Enneagram Practitioner