Mariheca Otto

Mariheca Otto

The Engagement Doctor

Mariheca is a powerhouse. Expect energy, insight and solutions based on measured data when you engage her services.

Mariheca has a PhD in Business Management, with specific focus on culture measurement and has developed a strong client base of organisations that use her methodology to develop corporate strategies and drive corporate culture. Mariheca lives by the mantra, “If you can measure it, you can manage it.”

Independent measurement is always her starting point, building stakeholder communication programmes and strategic business goals on the back of this valuable data. She believes that assessment results guide the holistic internal marketing strategy, which can include creative and informative workshops, structural changes, appropriate training and strategic coaching sessions.

Data identifies the strategic drivers and then focussed interventions overcome the problems.

    Mariheca specialises in: 

    • Human research
    • Research to assess the internal culture and climate of the organisation
    • The Motto Survey, a climate and culture measurement tool focused on internal business elements pertinent to HR and OD strategies
    • The Motto Leadership Assessment tool, a 360° survey assessing the higher levels of leadership currency within an organisation
    • The Motto Individual Assessment tool, measuring self-awareness and self-perception. Often used in the recruitment process as part of development interventions such as Mentorship processes, Strategic Coaching processes and PDP (Personal Development Plan) conversations