Malcolm Ferguson

Malcolm Ferguson

The ROI Facilitator

Malcolm’s sleek approach to high performing teams is all about return on investment (ROI), he’s an ROI Facilitator.

Everyone in business is expected to generate a return but very few teams are aligned on the expectation. Not just a target, but a shared picture of success. Fewer still are aligned on the investment required to create the picture. Funding is important, but so is time, resources, energy and commitment.

Over the last ten years developing leadership and facilitating strategy in some of South Africa’s major brands alongside many SME leaders, Malcolm has listened to many business leaders’ frustrations in chasing targets, only to have those targets shifted. Through this work, he has come to appreciate the significant challenges executives face in getting their teams to pull together, and the daily temptations those teams face, juggling priorities in the midst of diverse backgrounds and values.

Now, his work targets only what is consistently missing – neither pure strategy nor culture, but what it really takes to deliver meaningful returns. His alignment journeys help leaders create the space for meaningful contribution, within the Strategy Activator™ framework of Clarity, Accountability, Focus and Energy.

Experience has taught Malcolm that our success is determined by the questions we ask. If he can get the leaders of a business to consistently ask the same questions – that’s the kind of alignment that builds agile organisations.

    Malcolm specialises in: 

    • ROI facilitation
    • High-performing teams
    • RACI for teams (responsible, accountable, consulted, informed)
    • Strategy design and activation
    • Customer loyalty 
    • Risk and opportunity
    • Individual performance coaching
    • Individual mentoring of executives & entrepreneurs