Lauren Davis

Lauren Davis

The Coaching Psychologist

Lauren brings with her the perfect blend of feminine energy, heartfelt attention and sharp psychological insights to her coaching and leadership engagements. She masterfully entwines coaching and psychology to deliver measurable success with insight and intuition.

Lauren’s focus is authentic relationships, being witness to personal, team and organisational growth and encouraging individuals to work towards living life wholeheartedly. She has a special interest in dealing with counterproductive workplace behaviours such as bullying and understanding psychopathic behaviour within the workplace.

Always practical, Lauren is an accredited Time to Think Facilitator, using Nancy Kline’s thinking to transform meetings. She facilitates workshops and consults to organisations, enabling them to use their meetings effectively to save time and increase efficiencies.

As a woman, she enjoys a niche area supporting professional women navigate their work and personal challenges.

    Lauren specialises in:

    • Executive coaching
    • Leadership development
    • Work-life integration coaching
    • Adult psychotherapy with a focus in adult development
    • Supporting individuals to increase their agency and self-direction
    • Time to Think process facilitation
    • Transforming meetings workshops and consulting
    • Implementing internal mentoring programmes
    • Team development interventions