Jessie Orwin

Jessie Orwin

The Heart Led Coach

Jessie’s gentle and delicate approach to coaching creates a safe space for people to explore themselves honestly. Jessie sees herself as a life coach working with people to increase their effectiveness at work and at home, to live more wholeheartedly and less burdened.

Her passion is the subtle space where the heart work affects workplace performance. She sensitively builds momentum and self-awareness for a deep shift, which enables her clients to embrace their true selves.

Her non-classical style of coaching is essential, enabling clients to live from grace and experience themselves and others in a more uplifting and empowering way.

She prefers coaching with the Heartstyles Indicator which focuses on shifting thinking and behaviour. The data associated with the tool means the change is measureable.

Jessie believes that people who are more fulfilled and energised in their work and personal lives go on to achieve great things.

Jessie specialises in:

  • Heartstyles coaching
  • Integrating life-work balance