Jeremy Barty

Jeremy Barty

The Change Maverick

Jeremy is ‘the Change Maverick’. He sees complex change projects from a fresh perspective where he can quickly identify resistance, empower people to turn their struggles into new actions and create a compelling desire to change.

He loves to get his teeth into projects that are not going as planned or are stuck. If it’s a rescue job, he approaches the problem with sensitivity, insight and has the capacity to see the way out. He likes to work in the engine room of change; in change implementation, on the floor with the people, making it happen. Jeremy has a heart for the ordinary worker, and his way of engagement is aimed at the overall company, not just the C-suite.

Jeremy developed MyCube4Change (MC4C), a behaviour change reflection tool used by companies and individuals going through change. It has been used by thousands of South Africans personally and in their work environments.

MC4C helps people take the small steps that make change happen. The tool identifies change blockages early in the process, builds a shared language for the change, and enables participants to help themselves and each other through the process.

    The tool is currently being upgraded to include a digital coach, available 24/7 to help the user make the next step in change.

    He specialises in:

    • Change readiness assessments
    • Preparing people for change
    • Helping people make change happen
    • Identifying blockers in difficult or failing change projects
    • Unplugging stagnation in large scale change projects
    • Coaching individuals who desire transformation
    • Learning and development solutions