James Spice

James Spice

The Encourager

James’ open and authentic style catches you off-guard. His non-corporate approach belies a deep-thinking, intentional human developer.

He has been consulting, designing and delivering developmental training programmes for more than 20 years. He has lived and worked on four continents, and brings a broad perspective and deep understanding of people from all cultures and backgrounds. 

James does what he loves every single day. His key driver is to create safety for the individuals and groups he works with, so that they can reflect with honesty, guiding them to a solution that benefits the individual and the business. 

He believes we’re all on a journey to reveal unhealthy patterns of behaviour and to increase awareness of the difference between our true intentions and the impression that we leave with others. His purpose is to create a safe space where we can free our thoughts to our true potential.

Over the last two decades, he has moved away from formal training programmes, rather using appropriate tools to customise a solution for a client’s needs, whether that be global online programmes, or working directly with leadership teams to shift organisational culture.

He only works with teams or organisations who believe what he believes; that people are more important than targets. James is convinced that soft skills are actually the hard skills in business and beg the most attention. 

James follows an approach of personal face-to-face engagements with a client to determine the real story and challenges faced by the business, followed by online individual or group coaching that builds connections. Providing a fully-aligned and customised journey results in long-term clients with deeply meaningful relationships.

He is very experienced in using preference-based personality profiles and character development tools in order to start personal change and drive team performance through the platform of self-awareness. He brings realistic and practical examples to his sessions and talks, always maintaining a deep intuition and empathy for the complexities of leading and managing people.

James specialises in:

  • Human Development and Change
  • Organisational and Team Culture Development Programmes (Design and curation)
  • Group facilitation and Leadership development
  • Personal and Group Coaching for personal effectiveness and team performance
  • Blending face-to-face and online development solutions
  • Speaking and Conference Hosting
  • Heartstyles and Insights accredited