Ivor Clucas

Ivor Clucas

The Strategy Facilitator

Ivor has extensive experience as a business executive across Africa and Australasia and thus intimately understands the cut and thrust of business and commerce. This experience has reinforced his belief that culture will always trump strategy and so he’s bullish about helping drive organisations to develop a strong cultural foundation on which to build a sustainable vision and execute their strategic plan.

Ivor helps organisations think differently, clearly and authentically about their direction and works to augment the health of the leadership dynamic. He’s passionate about applying strategy, and emphasises the importance of cascading the strategy with deliberate and practical attention throughout the organisation. His expertise in understanding the organisational structures required to support a strategic plan’s implementation and competency also makes him an excellent team development professional.

He’s spent years in various industries honing his programme design and delivery skills which are tailored to company strategy, culture, values and competency frameworks. He has accompanied many global senior executives, along the often lonely road of leading at the highest level, offering mentoring and coaching support.

Having been in the corporate saddle, Ivor offers a practical and stimulating approach. He uses robust yet flexible systems and methodologies that ensure that the client not only develops a clear vision and strategy for where they want to be, but is confident about what it is going to take to get there and how to measure progress towards these goals.

    Ivor specialises in:

    • Strategy formulation, execution and cascading
    • Team effectiveness and alignment
    • Design and delivery of programmes tailored to company strategy, culture, values and team
    • Leadership development processes
    • Executive and senior management mentoring
    • Conference design and delivery, and MC engagements
    • Coaching which is business focused, goal-directed and informed by the culture and agreed outcomes of the sponsor organisation
    • Insights (accredited Licensed Practitioner)