Heinrich Langner

Heinrich Langner

The Total Reward Pioneer

Heinrich defies stereotyping when he combines his deep compassion for people with his appreciation of the numbers. From an actuarial background, his understanding of the relationship between the tangible and intangible aspects of sustainable success helps him bridge the gap between financial speak and HR speak.

Heinrich supports leaders with the design and implementation of holistic reward frameworks that are aligned to their organisation’s purpose, strategy and culture.

His unique combination of knowing how the figures work, and knowing how the people fit, gives him a rare insight into people development. He is pioneering in the reward space by distilling the essence of what each organisation is about into the design of appropriate, holistic reward solutions.

A holistic approach to reward considers more than just pay. It considers the broader talent context and represents the whole of what the organisation is offering to inspire and enable its people to perform at their best. It requires the alignment of congruent tangible and intangible rewards.

Heinrich loves the facilitation of alignment conversations; exploring organisational culture as a lever for elevating business success and designing reward strategies and frameworks that support the specific context, strategy, culture and capacity of the organisation.

Interventions include the technical analysis of pay trends and patterns, designing appropriate compensation models and frameworks, and supporting leadership in their ability to successfully implement such strategies and frameworks.

Heinrich specialises in:

  • Partnering with leaders in exploring organisational culture as a lever for elevating business success
  • Supporting leaders in clarifying context, designing holistic reward frameworks that are congruent with the organisation’s purpose, strategy and culture, and aligning behaviour in the implementation of such frameworks