Gavin Shaskolsky

Gavin Shaskolsky

The Global Master Coach

Gavin epitomises peace, confidence and groundedness. The kind of person you’d trust yourself with when it comes to leadership, transitions and coaching.

Coaching is a billion dollar business and his vision for future trends, with an annual growth in the coaching industry of 6% per annum, lead him and his family to move to Israel two years ago from where he runs two international virtual coaching businesses. 

Gavin observes that coaching has become one of the few places a leader can reflect and focus on their own leadership and well-being. He sees it as optimising energy and impact whilst navigating the accelerated stress epidemic in leadership.

He is a firm believer that time is finite; but energy can be spent and recovered with suitable habits and practices.

Contrary to sport, where the focus is on planning, fitness and game plans, business can be much more reactive, with the focus mainly on execution. If a leader can’t effectively manage their energy, burnout and reduced productivity are the result. Ultimately, managing energy leads to greater self-awareness, sustainable business impact and effective people leadership.

Gavin runs Tidal Pool’s virtual coaching business with access to world-class coaches globally.

Gavin specialises in:

  • Leading, delivering and managing large-scale coaching projects globally, both virtually and face to face
  • Heartstyles accredited coaching, a globally rated Heartstyles certified coach who delivers successful coaching initiatives to support and cultivate behaviour change