Colin Hall

Colin Hall

The Human Energy Leader

Colin is a doyen of corporate leadership in South Africa, having been at the helm of many of the country’s blue-chip clients for over six decades.

He brings with him years of wisdom, insight and a sharp knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.  Like an African tree, his roots are deep and his branches and leaves give shade to all who sit beneath them.

Colin’s particular passion is energy – human energy, the human battery, and how to keep it charged.  Human energy is the crucial ingredient in all human outcomes, whether individuals or teams.

High-energy people consistently out-think and outperform those with low energy or negative energy. Colin believes energy is infectious, meaning groups of high-energy players in trusting relationships with one another, regularly out-strip their competition.

Colin runs workshops that create a lasting awareness of the fundamental role that energy plays in delegates’ lives as individuals, and in their contribution to the effectiveness of their teams.

    Measurement is a must, and Colin uses the EQ Energy Survey throughout to measure individual and team energy. The survey yields clarity and focus on the key energy issues and is a very valuable indicator for measuring progress.

    Colin specialises in:

    • Energy workshops and interventions – identifying, growing and sustaining it
    • Speaking at conferences, strategic sessions