Our people and partners

You deserve access to a diverse pool of talent, skill and experience.
Our pool of partners is a community of like-minded, values-aligned people, who are passionate about their work and craft. We meet regularly to share, explore, learn and think and whilst we all have a common passion for people and behaviour shift, we also specialize in areas such as coaching, change, leadership, culture evolution, executive team development and women in leadership.

Marc Rogatschnig

The Tidal MD. Marc enables individuals, teams, and organizations to shift their beliefs and shape their behaviours towards high performance.<

Ian Kennedy

The ex-professional sportsman who enables the corporate athlete with lessons from the pitch and a passion for supporting people to become the best possible versions of themselves.

Jeremy Barty

The change maverick. With two decades of experience challenging the pillars of the status quo, and unmasking the forces of stagnation.

James Spice

The master facilitator, iconic and inspirational in all he does.

Heinrich Langner

Heinrich supports leaders to navigate the complexities of business with simple and appropriate reward solutions.

Mike Perk

Mike enables leaders to grow and transform their organisations by building “Future Fit” leadership teams that can drive the cultural change needed for successful digital transformation.

Nikki Wohlman

The Executive Coach, with almost two decades of experience consulting in all areas of People Development

Dr Mariheca Otto

The organisational climate, engagement and culture specialist.

Ivor Clucas

The seasoned international business leader and Strategy facilitator. He makes businesses sharper and bolder and tackles BFS – Busy Fools Syndrome – head on

Lauren Davis

The Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach supporting and enabling people in the highest levels of organisations 

Malcolm Ferguson

Malcolm’s practice of facilitating return on investment has grown out of helping business leaders align their teams in the midst of shifting priorities and urgency traps.  

Colin Hall

Colin is a doyen of corporate leadership in South Africa and has led several blue-chip companies over six decades.  

Jessie Orwin

Passionately pursues wholeness in peoples lives, and is most powerful when walking individuals journeys with people.

Gavin Shaskolsky

The master coach who has changed lives across the globe and been a partner to the ascension of many talented professionals to the apex of their careers.

Sarah Campbell-Watts

As a seasoned organisational development specialist, Sarah astutely identifies systemic change requirements and guides transformation across teams to ensure greater levels of success.  

William Elliott

William is the only authorised South African Master Trainer for the internationally acclaimed training and coaching programme known as Getting Things Done® (GTD®).  

Steve Hall

Steve started a career in advertising until his passion for leadership development was sparked 25 years ago while working with American author, Stephen Covey.  

Kim Barty

This seasoned communications practitioner curates organizational stories to purposefully build brand and product narratives and convey targeted messages.