Without a clear understanding of your desired direction, culture and prior learning experiences, most behaviour change interventions are likely to fail.

 We are thus accountable for ensuring that all interventions are built on a comprehensive and incisive brief. We will ensure the following three steps are robustly completed:

Step 1: Crystallise the brief

In behavioural terms. We need to understand what behaviours you wish to shift and why that change will support your strategy, goals, and aspirations.

Step 2: Co-create the solution

By defining and agreeing on the most appropriate intervention to suit your rhythm of business, strategy, organisational and team culture and relevant, prior learning experiences

Step 3: Contract the Experts

By mobilising the best members of our Tidal pool (and your internal faculty) to build the capability, opportunity, and motivation to sustainably change behaviour and positively impact the results, culture and influence of your leaders.