Culture Evolution

Culture Evolution

We believe cultures do not change; they evolve. We have incisive processes that articulate the primary and sub-cultural attributes of your business, and support the capability of leaders to elevate the best and inhibit the least effective aspects of those cultures.

Our culture evolution partners are:

Marc Rogatschnig

The Character Ambassador

For over a decade, Tidal Pool’s co-founder and Managing Director has led successful people development consultancies with cross border footprints.  Known for his measured and whole-hearted approach, Marc fosters the clarity and inspiration necessary to understand context, shift behaviour and transform people and organisational culture. He has garnered international respect for his thought leadership, impactful facilitation and consulting psychology practice.

James Spice

The Encourager

James is on a mission to reveal unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaviour that limit potential and joy. Through sensitive intuition and empathy, James has developed an international reputation of supporting people through the challenges and struggles of personal and collective transformation.

Lauren Davis

The Coaching Psychologist

Lauren brings with her the perfect blend of heartfelt attention, feminine energy, and sharp psychological insights to her coaching and leadership engagements. She masterfully entwines coaching and therapy to deliver measurable success with insight and intuition. Lauren’s focus is authentic relationships, being witness to personal, team and organisational growth and encouraging individuals to work towards living life wholeheartedly. She enjoys a niche area supporting professional women navigate their work and personal challenges.  She has a special interest in dealing with counterproductive workplace behaviours such as bullying and understanding psychopathic behaviour within the workplace.

Nikki Wohlman

The Behaviour Change Catalyst

Team effectiveness is hard won. It takes experience in understanding human behaviour and the psychological drivers of engagement and thus as a coach, facilitator and people development specialist, Nikki applies her sharp psychological insight and creativity to support change.

Jeremy barty

The Change Maverick

Jeremy developed MyCube4Change (MC4C) as an incisive reflection tool to enable, define and track observable behaviour shifts. The tool provides a shared language for navigating change, and collates the individual and collective steps required to adapt and thrive through transformation.

Sarah Campbell-Watts

The Development Guru

As a seasoned organisational development specialist, Sarah astutely identifies systemic change requirements and guides transformation across teams to ensure greater levels of success. She views leadership development as a co-creative process, and works with leaders to establish clear direction, unlock innovative thinking and develop impactful communication skills. Her methods are creative, pragmatic and she uses the power of nature to deliver impactful immersion experiences.

Mike Perk

The Future Fit Digital Transformer

Mike enables leaders to grow and transform their organisations by building “Future Fit” leadership teams that can drive the cultural change needed for successful digital transformation. He is a founding partner in Heavy Chef, an inspiration platform for entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders in technology.

Thought Leadership

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You should know this about Organisational Culture!

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