Heartstyles supports the transformation of people and their behaviours towards higher levels of effectiveness and humanity.

We believe that people only truly and sustainably change when they have a change of heart. Getting to the heart of helping people understand “why they do the things they do” is our unique point of difference.

The Heartstyles Indicator makes it possible to measure objectively the health, or heart, of your organisation – whether individuals or teams. It is a shift in heart attitude that creates sustainable transformation and growth.

Heartstyles measures and guides your choice of effective and ineffective behaviour.

Heartstyles measures perceptions of your effective and ineffective behaviours.  The results help you understand the quality of your stress, happiness, health and relationships.    It offers a robust map to guide alternative behavioural choices that enhance the quality of your life, and personal and organisational performance and contribution.

Heartstyles is not a personality profile; it’s an indicator of what behaviours you may wish to strengthen and shift

We believe your behaviours are changeable and we do not label you. We observe that regardless of your personality ‘type’ or ‘preferences’ you can still choose to behave effectively or ineffectively.

“Heartstyles measures 16 behavioural styles, some of which are effective, some of which aren’t. They are all normal, but not always helpful.”

What does Heartstyles offer ?

There are numerous Heartstyles Indicator options, depending on how many raters you would like in your 360-degree feedback.

MyPack: Benchmark and Self Score only

This Indicator does not include a 360-degree rating. It is purely based on self- perception. This indicator is ideal for large, organisation-wide culture audits.

Culture Development Guide

The Culture Indicator is a collation of the individual Indicators completed in a team or organisation. It provides insightful data on the behaviours, habits and practices that shape the culture of the team/organisation. We map your organisation’s values (and their behavioural indicators) against these Culture Indicator results. This process often triggers deep and meaningful reflection and conversation.

3, 6, 9, 12 & 15 Packs: Benchmark, Self Score and Others

These Indicators are grouped according to the number of raters you desire. The number of raters can be divided into specific groups of 3 (for example 3 x Peers = Peer Rater Group; 3 x direct Reports = Direct Rater Group)

Team Development Guide

The Team Indicator is a collation of the individual indicators of the members of a team. These results provide meaningful data upon which to explore and deliberately address Team Dynamics and Team Development.